Thursday, August 19, 2010

le grand petit déjeuner

Big Plans for next week!

So I was thinking about what could be better than breakfast...and well the obvious answer is BRUNCH. For two obvious reasons, first that it is totally acceptable to have booze with brunch (not so much with breakfast), and second that you don't have to wake up at the crack of dawn to make a totally fantastic brunch because brunch happens sometime after 11am, so no need to be up until 9 at the earliest! AMAZING!

So next week I will do 1 post a day and by Friday we will have a complete menu!
I have decided to have a blueberry inspired brunch,
No, not all the dishes will have blueberries in them, but a few standout dishes will!
There will also be some musical suggestions with each post so you'll also have a soundtrack by Friday!

Sounds Fun right?!?!
I know!
I am going to post the menu today, so your mouths will be watering with anticipation all weekend heehee.

One 'Morning' In Maine Brunch Menu:
Prosciutto Basil Parmesan Frittata
Lemon zest Blueberry muffins
Doughnut holes with warm blueberry dipping sauce
Bacon and spinach filo triangles
Kelsey's Super Fruit Salad
Bagel chips with blueberry, sage cream cheese

Blue velvet
Classic Mimosa

Blueberry Sunrise

Who's hungry?
I am!

I know this spans out from my usual baking theme, truth is though that my passion spans past baking...I love food! But no need to worry, most of my future posts will be baked deserts and treats.

Well I will see y'all Monday
Have a lovely weekend



  1. *drool* I am so excited for this!!! I will follow the junk wherever it goes =]

  2. YAY! maybe someday I will make fo\r you