Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So because I am not doing any baking right now I figure I will do some talking about other baking related stuff...just till I move and start baking again!

So today I am going to blab on about extracts!
Some bakers I know have said they don't like using anything other than vanilla...but I think that's just because they don't know how, or because they are BORING!
It's not scary, it's actually so easy so, just put on your big girl (or boy) pants and just do it.
you never need more than a tsp. (unless you are double batching something)
And the beauty of it is even if you know 2 recipes that you can make well it opens up a whole world of options and flavors you would otherwise never know!

There are basically 2 kinds of extracts synthetic and pure.
I would say always go with pure it has a better flavor and no weird chemicals
But there is a time and place for synthetic extracts...I mean how else would you make Bubble Gum Cupcakes?!

Extracts can be added to any recipe in place of the vanilla...If you have a recipe that doesn't use vanilla..that's odd but you can add extracts anyways...and even if you are being a butt head and using box mix you can add extract (remember the boxed cakes have vanilla in them but that doesn't mean you can't add a little something extra...). Want to excite your pancakes? Maybe some maple or strawberry extract...mmmm!


-Be careful though to read what you buy, Oils are not the same as extracts!!!
Yes, you can use oil in place of extracts but you want to use 1/4 as much oil as you would extract, and also add it last.
-Make sure the tops are on as tight as possible there is alcohol in extracts and they will evaporate.
-Remember to think! Don't go crazy! With cakes I am going to say you never want to have more that 3 different flavors going on a once, it's over whelming (that includes the frosting).
(I know those last to seem silly sorta but it's easy to get carried away and think that banana, raspberry, vanilla, almond cake sounds great but it doesn't! take my word for it there is a such thing a too much!)
-Remember it's a cake not mouthwash mint on mint is hard to pull off well, use it sparingly. also only one kind of mint at a time! I am a little bias on this one because I HATE mint flavored things blah! Just use discretion, no vanilla mint, no banana mint...icky ick barf!

Where do you get extracts?
Well my dears, the baking section of your local grocery store should have a good selection, if you aren't happy with that here are 2 websites I think are awesome!
This place is amazing, good selection and great quality. It's a tad expensive but it lasts forever (although if it's something you know you will only use once shop around for the cheapest place because it's not worth one cake...)
This website looks like crap but...They have bubble gum, root beer, and cola flavors..sweet (literally.) There stuff is good and a little cheaper. The assortments are an awesome deal!
2oz. should last you 12 or so recipes...not bad at all, but you see what I mean a little goes a long way.
Faerie's Finest

Maybe Santa will get me Holiday Flavors because he knows how much I love pumpkin and eggnog! ha!

Any who...That's all I really have to say about extracts, if you have any questions...leave a comment...I'll get back to you I really have nothing better to do.

Maybe next week something about flower waters, and an older recipe to go with.
also sorry for my over use of parentheses...bad habit I know.



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