Thursday, February 3, 2011

I has a new blog

Monday, January 10, 2011

New years!

So this is the new year,
Last year was a rollercoaster of insane, and good things.
I have never really been all that into resolutions (especally the new years kind) but I think that setting some goals for the year might not be a bad idea, and i am posting them so that I can go back and look at them and see how I have done.

So here goes, (not in any order at all)

1. I want to be better about saving money and budgeting (no more forever 21 shopping sprees!)
I had some money in my savings account but then christmas distroyed that so I want to be putting away $20 each pay check, and them extra monay anytime I can.

2. I have a bad habbit of starting books and never finishing them so I want to finish every book I start.

3. Get HEALTHY! I don't need to lose any weight but I do need to exercise more, drink less and eat better. Joe and I have already started (well we started this morning).

4. I want to actually get dressed in the morning and be out of bed by 9 everyday. I have a lot of clothe but wear the same thing everyday because I am lazy.

5. keep growing my hair.

6. Keep my room clean and organized.

7. pay my loan on time every month. I am so bad about that!

8. wash my face twice a day, lotion twice a day.

9. Blog regularly!!! as you know if you read this I am so so bad at that!

10. eat out less!

Thats it for now I think.

wish me luck