Monday, November 15, 2010

Table for two please

I don't normally cook meals just for two people, but my hours at work got cut so Joe and I are going to have date night in for a while...
There are tricks for cooking for two, and a few methods of attack,

This is where you buy more thank 2 serving of things like, veggies and meet and break them up into one or two serving size freezer bags and freeze them. I don't like this method...because I don't like having to defrost things, but for those who don't mind it it's the most economical.

When you fully cook a large meal and then split it up into one or two person servings tupperwear it and freeze it. This is easier than the pre-freeze but it doesn't work for everything...and if your like me you tend to forget about what you've cooked and froze. So be careful if you decide to do this.
I find this works best if you have roommates or like taking lunch to work. Joe and I aren't big on eating the same meal twice a week so this would never work if it was just the two of us living alone, throwing out food is sad and normally that's what this normally leads to.

I like this best, but it is the least economical and involves many trips to the store...or at lease for me it does because I am so bad a planning meals more than a few hours before dinner time.

The trick is finding what works for you and then planing accordingly and it always takes a while to get into the swing of meal planing and nightly cooking and I always think it's a lot easier to cook for a crowd than a couple.

But the good news is I am going to be doing another week long project! Unlike before the end result wont be one big meal each day I will post a complete meal for Two! (you will be able to apply any of the methods above to each day and hopefully I will get some pictures up to go with these). I am going to make these all quick and easy week-night dinners, you know the kind you don't totally dread making when you finally get home at 8pm.

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