Friday, July 23, 2010

well well well...

So I wont be posting any more recipes till I move...
soo crazy to bake right now ARGGG!
So in the mean time here are some other fun blogs and sites...

This site has awesome recipes
you need to have a conversion table or google...haha

So I know it seems lame but I spend so much time on the next 2.
Plus all the kid friendly stuff is twenty-something year old boy friendly too!
Go figure, so skip all the other stuff the recipes alone are wonderful!


I mean the lady is an icon...Lifetime made a movie about her!

plus the crafts and recipes are wonderful, makes me wish I had my very own cottage where I could host garden parties...but alas I have a 3rd floor apartment and 3 roommates that are...boys, ick!

Now I am not a vegetarian, but the peperoni pizza, steak and potato, pasta and meatball, chicken cutlet and MEAT diet that I have been on lately is making me reconsider.


and as far as vegetable cooking goes this really is the place, they also have health and lifestyle tips that fit for any diet!

Enough food stuff for now I am getting hungry...

here's some stuff to do when you are bored!


So you are helping people and learning things? AWESOME!
I always get sort of sacred not being in school and having the least mentally stimulating job in the world that I am going to get lazy and dumb.

Free rice makes me feel a little better about that.


Did someone say unreleased music, for free....everyday?!

Daytrotter did! It's hit of miss now days, there is something I want maybe one a month but it's Worth it to check everyday for the four free song by someone I really like.

And last (for now) but not least!
Check out my moms gallery!
Art by my mom, my sister, a bunch of talented people from Maine



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